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We are made up of a complete dental team with a specialist in dentistry, 2 dentists, 2 dental therapists, and 2 dental surgery assistants.

Located in the serene and secure residential center located at Bonamousadi-Douala.Our clinic is a full-service dental practice offering both basic and specialized dental care.

Our dental team has years of experience caring for the most sensitive dental patients. We practice gentle and painless dentistry and take pride in having smiling and satisfied patients as they walk out our doors.

The Emmanuel dental Team leader Dr Agbor Michael, has been servicing the dental needs of its patients for over 17 years now.

We put our patients first, providing the highest standards of ethical treatment options tailored to meet the varying needs of our patients. We are fully committed and continually pursuing excellence in our service delivery. The safety and comfort of both our patients and staff are of paramount importance to us.

We serve the international community, as well as patients from within and outside Douala. Our team of specialists provides our patients with the expertise that meets their dental needs, solves their dental problems, providing them with healthy teeth and gums, beautiful and confident smiles.

Dr. Agbor Michael , Clinic Head


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